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Glossary of Terms

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ABA is an acronym for the Applied Behavioral Analysis model.

ABL Programs

ABL, or Adventure-Based Learning programs focus on positive character and team development, as well as the enhancement of life-process skills. For information on what kinds of ABL Programs Sweetser offers, click here.


ACI is Adult Community Integration. Click here for more information.


ACIS is an acronym for Adult Community Integration Services.  It is a case management service for adults.  You can find more info on ACIS here.


ACT stands for Assertive Community Treatment and is a highly integrated delivery of mental health services centered around the person.

Affiliate Network

A network of professionals in a wide variety of Maine communities, all dedicated to improving the lives of those struggling with a mental health and/or substance abuse issue. Learn more here.

Case Management

Case Management is the management of community services for patients by a professional.  It involves the assessment of need, development and deployment of care plans, and reviews of how these plans are working for the patient.  Sweetser offers case management services for both adults and children.  View our services for more information.

Collaborative Practice

This is Sweetser's primary approach in serving their clients and their clients' families. Here are some initiatives Sweetser has taken to ensure the best collaborative services.


A state of mind in which a mental health patient cannot cope with and adjust to certain stressors in their environment.

Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)

These Units provide short-term placement for children or adults who are going through a mental health crisis.


CSU stands for Crisis Stabilization Unit.

Day Treatment

At Sweetser, this program combines behavioral treatment with individualized education services in a less restricted environment.

DEEP Program

The DEEP program is the Driver Education and Evaluation Programs and is Legislatively mandated countermeasures programs in the state of Maine for Operating Under the Influence (OUI).


The Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders serves as a universal authority for psychiatric diagnosis.

Experiential Learning

This is the process of education between student and teacher that works through experience with the educational environoment and educational content.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I'd like to Thank You for the opportunity you guys gave to me with my son. He's doing a lot better since you put him into my life and I want to Thank You for that. You are awesome, all of you, including workers in his cottage. I have an awesome time when I am with my son and my son does too. I...

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