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Glossary of Terms

Experiential Learning
This is the process of education between student and teacher that works through experience with the educational environoment and educational content.
Helping Systems
Helping Systems are a broad range of health and human services services that encompass a vast array of organizations that provide them.  These services consume large parts of federal, state, local, and private budgets. The services are often critical for individuals.
Same Day Access
A service provided by Sweetser for rapid access to a wide variety of behavioral health and substance abuse services.
Stressors are conditions, external stimuli, or events that causes a stress response.  An event that triggers the stress response may include:
  • environmental conditions such as loud noises, too much light, or overcrowding
  • daily events like traffic and lost keys
  • life changes like death and divorce
  • workplace incidents like reviews, promotions, demotions, and poor communications
  • physical stimuli which can include tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
Stressors can result in a crisis situation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

To Missy Esty - I had planned on sitting down and writing you a real thank you note, on real paper, and sending it the old fashion way, but time has gotten away from me, and I really wanted to get in touch with you. Our family cannot thank you enough. The day that you came to our home was,...

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