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Case Management

Case Management services assist families of children under the age of 21 who are experiencing a mental health or behavioral issue, or who have mental retardation or a developmental delay, with identifying their goals and successfully engaging in and monitoring the effectiveness of their services to adequately address their assessed needs.

Enhanced Case Management services are available in Sagadahoc, Knox, Waldo, and northern York counties for children, ages 5 to 18, with serious emotional or behavioral disturbances who are either in residential care or at high risk of such placement, having complex needs and multi-agency involvement.

Typical families assisted may be:

  • At risk of/in hospitalization or out-of-home placement
  • Exhibiting behavioral impairment or emotional symptoms that may be disruptive at home and/or in a school setting
  • Involved in multiple systems of care that may include juvenile justice or child welfare
  • Involved, or have been involved, with crisis services

What can Case Management do for my family?

  • Address immediate concerns that prevent the family from creating or using a team of natural supports and providers to address family needs
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of each family’s needs and strengths, building upon them to address the mental health, social, educational, medical, and other needs of the child
  • Assist the family in applying for services the child may need that can't be met by the family's natural supports
  • Support the child and family with an ongoing connection to school
  • Meet with families in their homes, our offices, or other community settings and be available, offering flexible hours

Information for Clients and Families


To assist families to access the formal and informal resources they need to support their unity, stability, and growth; and, to meet the basic needs of homeless youth, which include food, shelter, medical care, education/employment, and family reconnection.


Sweetser’s Case Management service is grounded in three primary concepts:

  1. The values and principles that define the “wraparound” approach to individualized service planning for families taking into account their unique cultural, ethnic, and personal characteristics,
  2. The fundamental elements of a continuous quality improvement orientation to service provision, and
  3. The five basic principles of respectful interaction that dictate our approach to communication with the families we serve as well as with our colleagues, both internal to Sweetser as well as external.

Fundamental Elements of Continuous Quality Improvement

Sweetser’s Case Management staff are committed to utilizing the findings of best practice research as evidenced by our commitment to “Wraparound.” We maintain a customer focus, attend to communication, and embrace training to ensure our skill in best practice. We eagerly define outcomes of success with the families we serve and measure the role we play in assisting families to achieve their outcomes.

The Basic Principles

We are committed to treating the families we serve and the colleagues with whom we work with respect and in a mutually uplifting way. We hold ourselves accountable to communication and interactions that:

  1. Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior, not on the person
  2. Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others
  3. Maintain constructive relationships
  4. Take initiative to make things better
  5. Lead by example

By using these basic principles to guide our interactions with both our colleagues and the families we serve, we demonstrate our values and our commitment to the fundamental elements of continuous quality improvement on a daily basis.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I was a teen at the site in Saco in 1966, and lived in the Brown Cottage. The Sargents were house parents then. I was a horrible kid and hated my time there, until it was time to leave, and then I cried. I didn't learn the value of my time at Sweetser until I became an adult. When you work with...

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