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Cornelius Sweetser Heritage Society

The Cornelius Sweetser Heritage Society is named after the founder of Sweetser and honors a distinct group of individuals who have included Sweetser in their estate plans and/or have made an extraordinary commitment to Sweetser. These committed members are creating a legacy of support for future generations.  

Learn more about planned giving opportunities

If you are considering including Sweetser in your will or trust, or have already remembered Sweetser with a planned gift, please let us know so we can recognize your generosity. Call Todd Henry, Director of Development, at 207-294-4484.  

Heritage Society Members as of September, 2016  

Ralph A. & June M. Amabile, Jr.
Esther B. Anderson
Robert E. & Nancy S. Armitage
Marjorie C. Bailey *
Raymond & Joann H. Beaudoin
Roland G. & Patricia A. Beaudoin
Clayton W. Belyea *
Mearl S. * & Melanie A. Benner
Dwight W. & Mary E. Berry
Miriam Bisbee
Charles A. & Shirley A. Blood
Grace S. Boyden
Andrew J. & Cindy A. Boyt
George & Deborah L. Brett
Patricia A. Broman
Doris L. Brown
Susan W. Brown
Raymond E. & Aline R. Bryant
Stephen A. Canders & Joan C. Cook
Norman A. Cantera
Margaret Carney *
George A. Chambers
Benny & Dr. Poh-Yong Chang
Irving * & Priscilla G. Chappell *
Anthony E. * & Evelyn K. Cibelli
Louis S. Cleaves *
Dr. Madelyn E. Conley *
Robert E. & Cynthia E. Convery
William R. * & Barbara R. Couch 
Carol A. Curland *
Philip B. Curtis & Catharine A. Curtis
Richard B. * & Shirley Dalbeck
Leland C. & Bettina S. * Davis, Jr.
Joseph E. * & Joan C. Dickey
John P. Dimmer, Jr. * & Elizabeth W. Bergstrom 
Donald & Lorna Dorsey, Jr.
John M. * & Maeron LeRoy Dunlap, Jr.
Jean M. Durham
Gracienne E. Dussault *
Ellen E. Dutton *
Phillip D. & Sadie L. Dyer
Christopher T. & Karol Emmet
Robert M. * & Suzanne Ewing
Harriet Jeffrey Ferguson *
Wesley W. Ford *
Irvin L. * & Rosamond C. Foster *
Bennett B. Fuller *
Stanley W. Frost
Robert W. * & Elinor Goodwin
John T. Gorman, Jr. *
Carl F. Graesser, Jr. *
Earle S. * & Eleanor Grames, Sr.
Roger C. * & Anna R. Grant
Philip H. & Bette J. Grondin
Dr. Vincent F. & Mary J. Guerra
John T. * & Esther B. Gyger
Judith A. Hakola
Barbara H. Hall
John C. Hamlen *
Owen & Beryl L. Haskell *
Malcolm S. * & Jennifer C. Hayden
Annie P. Hennessey *
Merton G. & Harriet P. * Henry 
Harrison * & Barbra G. Holman
Hugh W. Hopkins
Robert V. * & Rita Marie Hunnicutt
Charles R. & Elizabeth C. * Huntoon 
Kenneth Hutchins
Shirley S. Jones *
 William & Anne B. Kany, Jr.
Dr. Stanley W. & Constance B. Kent
Phillip M. * & Madeline Kilmister
Allan R. Kimball *
Gladys M. Knight *  
Lloyd W. * & Margaret B. * Knox
Melvin J. & Rena Labbe
Avis D. Latimer
Richard & Eileen Leighton
Chase M. & Kathryn L. * Libby
Daniel G. & Annette P. Lilley
Joseph D. Littlefield, Sr.
Donald * & Barbara * Lowry
Cameron * & Lois MacGregor
Alex Mantis *
Dr. Stuart W. * & Janet B. McGuire
Kathy * & Irv Meeker
Suzanne S. Megathlin
Mary D. Merrill *
Virginia Moody
Dr. Conner M. & P. Wendy Moore
Donald M. * & Nancy Morse
Robert R. Mott
Ernest P. * & Acquilla S. Muller
John B. Nason
Jack H. & Margaret G. Neeson 
Robert * & Dorothy Low * Newton
Dr. Eric F. Nicholas
John M. Noyes
Anne P. Owsley *
Eslie J. Parquette
Carlton D. & Barbara R. Pendleton
Leif S. & Bernice S. Pettersen
William L. * & Katharine Philbrick
Albert Pilley *
Barbara R. Pillsbury 
William B. Pinkham, Jr.
Elizabeth Porteous
Luverne C. Preble
Mary J. Quinn *
Howard A. & Loretta L. Ripley
Louine H. Robbins
Dr. Hugh P. & Patricia V. Robinson
Manley E. & Martha W. * Rogers 
Robert E. Rounds * 
Blaine * & Hazel * Sanborn
Henry W. & Marjorie H. Saunders
Joseph G. Saunders
Alden H. & Barbara G. Sawyer, Jr.
William S. * & Sylvia D. Searle
Irene L. Shevenell *
Edward H. * & Elizabeth M. Shively
Howard S. Slosberg * 
Winthrop Smith, Jr.
Hatherly J. * & Alice Souther
Peter & Hildegarde S. Spalding
Ernest O. Sprowl *
Frederick * & Anita H. Starrett
Henry C. & Gloria B. * Stover 
Dr. Walter P. * & Charlene P. Strang *
Thelma C. Swain *
Kate Sweetser
Marie E. Thomas *
Philip A. & Carol G. * Thorne
Robert M. Tkacik, Jr.
Bruce S. * & Lottie J. Tornquist *
David M. & Marjorie Tourangeau
Philip E. & Linda A. Trudeau
William H. * & Virginia Truesdale III
Philip J. & Claudette C. Villandry
John H. & Lee J. Walker
Martha W. Wallace
Lauriston Ward * & Dorothy-Lee Jones
Robert J. White
Tammy L. White
Douglas A. & Pamela Willett
Rita S. Willis *
Douglas E. & Judith F. Woodbury
George M. & Katharine R. Woodwell
William E. * & Eileen Wyatt
David S. * & Valerie P. Wyman
J. Hollis Wyman *
Leonard A. & Alice M. Wyman
Dr. James R. & Diana C. Young
Stanley * & Edith M. Zimmerman *

* denotes deceased

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