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High Ropes Course

High Ropes Course Cat WalkThe objective of the High Ropes Course is to provide activites and initiatives whereby participation is somewhat more individualistic and challenges participants to develop persistence and a resistance to frustration in attempting to reach a goal. The transfer of cooperative group work, clear communication skills, setting goals, trust, and support that was experienced on the low course is exemplified on the high course.

Our high course has approximately 15 elements of varying challenges and of varying designs. The elements are all static belay, traversing and non-traversing, and range in height of 25 feet to 40 feet. Some elements are for single person climb and others are two person climb. All climbs are accessed from the ground. The course is built in a pine wood grove, using cable and a static belay system. Participants are taught the safety procedures for belaying, which is the technique where a team of participants, using a belay device, tighten the climbing rope as the person(s) ascends the element. All participants wear universal harnesses and helmets and are provided all safety procedures prior to climbing.

Participants are required to sign a release of liability waiver and medical disclosure. All information is confidential.

Examples of our high ropes course elements:

Cat Walk: A one person climb. A log is suspended between two trees and the participant ascends the tree, then walks across the log and is lowered down.

High Ropes Course Zip LineZip Line: One person climbs 40 feet to a platform where the facilitator will clip you into the zip pulley belay. The participant steps off the platform and zips across the field for approximately 350 feet. The zip line is gravity fed and the participant will gradually rest midway on cable and is taken off element with assist from the ground.

Dangle Duo: A two person climb. Here two participants ascend a ladder made of five or six, 4 x 4’s hung apart. The goal is to utilize each others strength to ascend the ladder together.

High Ropes Course Leap of FaithPamper Plank (leap of faith): One person climb. Here, the participant reaches a platform and leaps to hit a suspended bouy about six feet in front of them. It is metaphorically called the “leap of faith” because participant is free falling for a few seconds before the static belay tigthens the slack and then participant is lowered to ground.

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