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Peer Support Services

Intentional Warm Line

The Intentional Warm Line is available toll-free from anywhere in Maine, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a mental health peer-to-peer phone support program for adults, age 18 and older, offering mutual conversations with a trained specialist who has life experience with mental health and/or substance use issues and recovery. The focus is to encourage and foster recovery, moving toward wellness and reconnecting with community. Call 1-866-771-9276.

Peer Support Services

Peer programs have been gaining recognition in recent years for their proven effectiveness in reducing the need for more intensive and costly treatment services, such as hospitalization. Sweetser's Learning & Recovery Center in Brunswick serves adults who are recovering from the effects of trauma, mental illness, and substance use.

Peer Support Services include the sharing of personal stories of one’s recovery journey offered to another person who is attempting to make his or her own journey of recovery. Services offer guidance through the experience of mutually supportive relationships with another individual who has been working on their own recovery.

Peer Support Services are critical to a consumer’s ability to achieve a productive and fulfilling life in the community of his or her choice despite a mental health disability.

Peer Training Network

Peer Training Network (PTN), a component of our Recovery Services and staffed by peers with lived experience. The Purpose of the PTN will be to provide a Recovery based facilitator level training curriculum statewide to peers employed or volunteering in behavioral health settings. Technical assistance will be available through the Peer Training Network for all facilitators trained through the PTN to put on their own workshops: including help with logistics, registration and tracking, refresher training and webinars, all at no cost to you.

The Learning & Recovery Center

At The Learning & Recovery Center, we challenge participants to do something different. That may mean opening oneself up to the possibility of making a new friend, expressing oneself through art, writing, or other expressive mediums. Through art, movement therapies, support groups, and educational resources, the center aims to empower individuals with opportunities for transformation. When you enter The Learning & Recovery Center, it may not be immediately clear who the employees are and who the participants are. This is by design. We come here as equals and everyone participates as teacher and learner.

For more information, call the Sweetser PromiseLine toll-free at 1-800-434-3000.

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It is with great pleasure that I take my son home today. You see, I have never been able to function on a life level while Josh was in crisis. Your facility has not only done wonders for Josh, it has done wonders for our family. It was nice to know that my son was always in good hands and very...

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