Individual, Family or Group Therapy

Therapy is a Sweetser specialty.

If you or your child is ready to talk with a trained therapist about a difficult problem facing your family, talk to Sweetser first. With a statewide network of highly trained therapists and support groups, Sweetser can connect you with someone who specializes in your unique concerns. Someone you feel comfortable talking to. Someone you can trust.

Every single day, people just like you sit down with Sweetser staff or affiliated clinicians for individual therapy, family therapy, and mental health support groups. They share their struggles including: substance use, eating disorders, suicide ideation and self-harm, anxiety and stress, difficulties communicating effectively, dealing with depression, controlling or expressing emotions, or healing from trauma.

They get help. They get better. And so can you—promise.

Call the PromiseLine toll-free at 1.800.434.3000 to connect with Sweetser therapists today.