Ricker Farm

Ricker Farm is located on Sweetser’s flagship campus in Saco, Maine. The farm is part of Sweetser’s Eslie J. Parquette School’s experiential learning program.

What’s new at Ricker Farm?

Ricker Farm Alpacas!

Ricker Farm Piglets!

Pepper enjoying a bottle!

Salt loves her bottle!

Hay Heaven!

A Look Around the Farm as Spring Arrives

The Pastures are Greening

Media Arts Communications EXL Students Visit Baby Lambs

Rainy Day at Ricker Farm

Visiting with the alpacas and Casper

Friday and Wednesday say “hi” from Ricker Farm

Ricker Farm Sugar Shack

The ducks enjoying a sunny day at the Farm

Mocha has triplets!

Mochas triplets at week one

created by the Media Arts Communication EXL branch? We plan on doing one a week and each week will be a different animal!