Sweetser School in Belfast

Helping to Create Promising Futures

Sweetser’s Special Purpose Private School opened in Belfast in 2005 at the former George Robertson School on School Street. Leased from the City of Belfast, the school serves approximately 35 students each year from the midcoast area.

Graduating from high school is an important milestone and one that can open doors for future independence and success. To achieve this, many students – including those who have experienced trauma – require specialized support with learning, behavioral and emotional impairments. Sweetser assists K-12 students, working with their families and schools, so they can successfully transition back into the mainstream of their public school and community.

Congratulations to our Class of 2021 Graduate!

Parents reflect on what the Sweetser School in Belfast has meant to their children:

“A second chance because public school seemed to have given up. She was welcomed here for who she is. The program works great with many opportunities for success. The group work has also helped her to connect with others.”

“The shorter days meet his needs of separation. It’s a place where he can be him and not be judged.”

What has your child accomplished while attending the Sweetser School in Belfast?

“She has learned how to cope in many ways. She has been able to build successful relationships and learned that the staff will be there for her no matter what.”

“He has made much progress on peer relationships, and with the small setting and groups has made great progress on his studies. He made huge progress on learning how to deal with emotions by staff taking time to deal and work through it with him.”

What is it about Sweetser that you think helped make your child successful?

“Staff here and how the program is set up. It’s a small setting with more people available to meet her needs.”

“Small groups made for a better learning environment for children who might have difficulty in a large group setting. Staff that is always willing to help when the kids are struggling – even at home with a phone call.”

Promises Kept: Sweetser School, Belfast Graduate