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Thank You For Helping My Son

My son, Ryan, attended Sweetser during the second half of his junior year and most of his senior year.  He made an immediate connection with his teachers, and also with the students, who struggled with some of the same issues my son did.  Sweetser exemplified a level of patience and genuine concern that I had not seen before.  I knew these people were special.  Ryan was finally thriving!  He would come home and talk to me about school and the friends he made.  He was enjoying school for the first time in his life.

The Sweetser team became my partner in this difficult journey to help my son.  Sweetser worked so intimately with our family that I wondered if we would have made it through without them.  I will be a lifetime donor.  You are my heroes.

~ Tammy W.

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I used to live at Sweetser's Sanford Group Home many years ago and living there did me a lot of good. I didn't realize it at the time, but they taught me so much and taught me how to be a member of society. They taught me how to do things that my mom would never have shown me. I just wanted to...

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