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A Child with ADHD

Children with ADHD are sometimes challenged by traditional academic subjects, which may negatively impact their self-esteem. Because ADHD effects a child’s ability to concentrate and focus, they may have to work harder than their classmates to achieve the same results. Therefore, children with ADHD sometimes feel labeled or like they do not fit in, which can negatively impact self esteem or lead to depression. Some people assume that a person with ADHD has a learning disability or is not as smart. This is not true. While this child may not perform as well in some subjects, they may excel in others. When we provide activities and learning opportunities that match a child's strengths and interests they can naturally excel and their self concept will improve.

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Thank you and your agency for making yourself available to come to our school.  Mrs. Dayn and I greatly appreciated your kindness and expertise in helping our community cope with the death of our friend and colleague.  With your support, and the help of others, we were well prepared to respond...

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