Intergenerational/Transgenerational Trauma

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What is overwhelming and unnamable is passed on to those we are closest to. Our loved ones carry what we cannot. And we do the same.”(Molly S. Castelloe,, PhD, The Me In We)

The cumulative effects of trauma that can be passed down from one generation to another will be explored. Unresolved emotions and negative repeated patterns of believe and behaviors, as a result of one generation’s exposure to trauma can influence further generations.  Trauma experiences can be the result of a shared societal trauma for example, the holocaust, slavery, etc. or particular to a given family such as the sudden death of a child. Secondary traumatization can affect attachment patterns in families over generations due to victims behaviors designed to defend against the trauma such as disassociation, substance abuse, addictions and the fight/flight/freeze response. All of these and more will be examined through this cumulative view of trauma.

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