Meet our Affiliate Providers: Debra Ouimette

Sweetser partners with independently licensed clinicians dedicated to assisting Mainers with mental health and/or substance use issues. As part of the partnership, our affiliates have access to regular referrals, support with billing and processing claims, assistance with managed care, and much more.


Q: How long have you been in the profession as a whole? What are your credentials, education, background?

A: I have been a Substance Abuse Counselor for 24 years and a Christian Counselor for 17 years. I am an educator and have taught credentialing classes for Soldier On, Addictions Care Center of Albany, Sweetser, and NYS EAP. I have a Doctorate in Theology and Counseling. I am an ordained minister, counselor, mediator and hold a National Substance Abuse Professional License. My credentials are: Th.D., CASAC II, LADC, SAP


Q: How long have you been an affiliate provider with Sweetser?

A: I have been a Sweetser affiliate since 2016.


Q: What made you want to become an affiliate?

A: I moved to Maine in 2014 after having a career in New York as an addictions counselor, Christian Counselor and Educator. I owned and operated a private practice in New York for Christian Counseling. When I moved to Maine a friend of mine was a Sweetser affiliate and referred me to the affiliate program.


Q: What are the benefits to your business by being affiliated with Sweetser?

A: The benefits are the ability to manage your own schedule and clientele. I do enjoy the support that Sweetser provides to their affiliates and engage in the group supervision for affiliates.


Q: Would you recommend being an affiliate provider to someone else?

A: Keep up with your supervision, training, learn to do your own accounting, and keep track of your paperwork! Sweester is always willing to help when you reach out for help—that is a benefit!


Q: What drives you to continue serving your clients?

A: I enjoy seeing the positive changes that happen in people’s lives as a result of counseling!

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Are you a therapist interested in becoming a Sweeter Affiliate? Contact Jan Dubois at or by calling 207.294.4477.