Peer Services

Sweetser peer support services power personal recovery.

Peer Support Line 

It may not be a crisis, but there are times when talking with a peer support specialist who has experience in recovery can make a big difference. Mainers 18 and older experiencing moments of difficulty, despair, or conflict can call 1.866.771.9276 from anywhere in Maine at any time, day or night, and be connected with a specialist. Particularly for people in recovery, these compassionate, helpful conversations can keep manageable issues from escalating into a crisis.

Peer Training Network

Become a peer specialist and support people in your community with their recovery. Peer-led recovery facilitator training is offered throughout Maine for Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialists (CIPSS) and other peer practitioners. Peer support specialist training is for peers participating, volunteering or working in a behavioral health setting. Join this growing network of facilitators who are trained in WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan).

Peer support services, available when you need them. Promise.