School-Based Services

School-based Clinicians supporting students and staff

 Awareness of the importance of mental health in schools has been raised in recent years. Yet children with mental health issues can, and do, thrive in the classroom when compassionate counseling is part of their curriculum. Families often fear that their children with emotional disturbance or children with mental illness will require a different day treatment school. In fact, Sweetser clinicians successfully served almost 3,000 children in traditional schools from York to the Bangor area. 

Sweetser children’s therapy services can offer many of the same treatment options as an alternative school or day treatment program for adolescents without disrupting your child’s social networks and your family’s daily routine. Part of our statewide commitment to providing mental health services when, and where, families need them, Sweetser school-based services provide:

  • occupational and behavioral therapies
  • treatment plans
  • crisis prevention plans and intervention
  • care coordination
  • referrals for medication management and specialized treatment including eating disorders

Early intervention and easy access can keep students in their home community schools and on track to achieve their educational and behavioral goals. Our compassionate clinicians truly connect with children and work closely with teachers and other members of your child’s care team.

Sweetser school-based behavioral health services can help your child learn how to be their best self. Call the PromiseLine at toll-free at 1.800.434.3000 to learn more.