Special Purpose Private Schools

Specialized education in Belfast and Saco

Giving school-aged students the best chance for successful learning, Sweetser’s special education curriculum supports students struggling with social, emotional, and academic challenges. The Schools at Sweetser are supportive places, where they can learn alongside kids with similar challenges and gain the skills they need to succeed in a public school setting.

Providing special education for students in classrooms from kindergarten through high school, the Sweetser School in Belfast and the Eslie J. Parquette School in Saco offer exceptional, empathetic, and developmentally appropriate special needs education in a warm and welcoming environment. Our special education programs put children and families first. They are filled with discovery and fun. And they make a difference.

Working in close-knit multidisciplinary teams, the Sweetser special education department works with each family to develop behavioral and academic goals personalized for every child. These goals are reviewed quarterly with special needs teachers and specialists, and our special education courses are adjusted to support progress. And together, we help children and adolescents gain the skills and strategies they need to get back to their public school and help students achieve a high school diploma.

Promising futures start at Sweetser. Call 1.800.434.3000 to see how we welcome students and families in a special environment for learning. 

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