Sweetser Gift Annuity

Receive Life Income with a Sweetser Gift Annuity

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What is a Sweetser Gift Annuity?
It is a contract between you and Sweetser in which assets are transferred to Sweetser in return for guaranteed regular payments for one life or two. Annuities offer attractive rates and are determined by your age. The older you are, the higher your pay-out rate is.

How does a Charitable Gift Annuity benefit Sweetser?
Your annuity gift works for you during your lifetime. Upon your death, these assets will support Sweetser services.

How does a Sweetser Annuity help you?
In addition to providing support to Sweetser, you receive a generous income for life (see chart). A significant portion of income is tax free PLUS you receive an immediate tax deduction in the year your gift is made. Gifts funded with appreciated securities can save significantly on capital gains taxes as well.

How can you participate?
Contact Jodie Hansen, Donor Engagement & Events Manager, at 207.294.4476. The minimum annuity contract Sweetser offers is $5,000. With stock market volatility and savings rates so low, NOW is a great time to consider a gift annuity.

Benefits of a $10,000 Charitable Gift Annuity

Age Annuity Rate Annuity Payment Tax Free Income Taxable Income Charitable Deduction
65 5.3% 530 342 188 3,063
70 5.7% 570 389 180 3,814
75 6.3% 630 450 180 4,416
80 7.1% 710 530 180 5,023
85 8.1% 810 640 170 5,647
90 9.5% 950 777 173 6,194

*This illustration assumes an IRS discount rate of 3.2%.

To receive an illustration or more information about Sweetser’s Gift Annuity program, please contact Jodie Hansen, Donor Engagement & Events Manager:

Email: jhansen@sweetser.org
Phone: 207.294.4476
Mail: 50 Moody Street, Saco, Maine 04072