Behavioral Health Home

First-class behavioral health services in your home community

Sweetser knows that many adults struggling with mental health feel safest at home, chronic health issues and physical disabilities create even greater challenges to treatment. If going to appointments at a community behavioral health clinic becomes a barrier, our behavioral health home program brings comprehensive behavioral health services to you.

A dedicated behavioral health treatment team—home health coordinator, nurse, clinical lead, and peer support specialist—is ready to help you or someone you love reach mental health goals in a comfortable, convenient home environment coordinated with you our medical doctor.

  • Develop a crisis prevention program.
  • Make safe decisions in stressful situations.
  • Manage your medications and minimize side effects.
  • Continue your therapy, your recovery, and your education.
  • Find and train for meaningful work.

You don’t need to visit behavioral health facilities to move your mental and physical health forward. Sweetser brings the very best behavioral health treatment home.

Behavioral health homes in Maine is possible—we promise. Call the Sweetser PromiseLine toll-free at 1.800.434.3000 to learn more about home-based mental health.