Day Treatment Services

Comprehensive family, individual and group therapy with individualized special education for students needing an out-of-district placement for serious emotional disturbances.


The goal of the Day Treatment program is to return students to a less restrictive community-based, educational, vocational, or work placement.


The foundation of the Day Treatment program is guided by two treatment philosophies: milieu and family systems. Our belief is that children learn best when lessons are integrated with the context of here and now experiences of success. The classroom is the “milieu” or community that enables the student to feel successful and to learn about the importance of self and other. The classroom becomes the context that provides the student with a sense of belonging. In this community, the student has the opportunity to learn and to practice the skills necessary to function in a classroom setting and to interact in more positive ways with parents, teachers, peers and other adults.

Our belief is that we are working in partnership with parents and guardians to support their children to reach their goals. Therefore an important component of our program is family involvement. Parents or guardians and families belong to our school community. Our aim is to support the parents or guardians to have a strong voice and presence in the classroom and in our school community.

Contact the Sweetser PromiseLine at 1.800.434.3000 for more information.