Amy Coha, LCSW

Amy L. Coha, MSW, LCSW

Amy retired from the University of New England School of Social Work where she was employed for twenty-one years as a Clinical Professor and Director of the MSW Field Education.  Her social work experience includes working with individuals with mental illness and survivors of Intimate Partner Violence.  Coha was Associate Director of the Domestic Violence Project/SAFE House in Ann Arbor, Michigan for 15 years.  In that capacity she was responsible for the shelter program, developed a counseling program for survivors of battering, provided expert testimony on IPV/DV in criminal and civil court cases, and was a subject matter expert for the Michigan Law Enforcement Training Council (MLEOTC). She also provided trainings to law enforcement, judges, probation officers, and magistrates. She continues to provide Expert Witness testimony in criminal cases in Michigan. In Maine she has presented workshops and seminars on intimate partner violence at the Sweetser Training Institute and at a number of agencies throughout the state.  In 2008 Ellen Ridley of Family Crisis Services and Coha received a grant from the Bingham Foundation exploring the experiences of victims/survivors of abuse/battering when seeking mental health counseling. Coha’s work in the field of Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence has included micro, mezzo and macro practice.