Raising Awareness and Funds for Eating Disorders Treatment

If Jenna Booth could have a conversation with her 12-year-old self she would have this to say: “Be unique. Embrace your differences. It is so important to love yourself. Self-love can make a huge impact on mental health and wellbeing. Your appearance doesn’t define who you truly are – it is what is on the inside that counts.”

Now at 16, she is starting her senior year at Cheverus High School and is passionate about bringing awareness to the importance of treatment for eating disorders, something that impacted her younger self.

Jenna created Truly Me as a way to share her story and connect with young women and men. She wants them to appreciate their uniqueness just as she learned to do and use that to battle fears and overcome hurdles. That is the driving force behind the name and the mission.

“There is only one you. Look at yourself in the mirror and to truly believe that you are uniquely enough, emotionally and physically, said Jenna. Her message has caught on with others her age who buy Truly Me bracelets and sweatshirts. But she has received a positive response from people of all ages.

It was vital that I surrounded myself with positivity. Having a strong independent support system built with family, friends, and an outpatient program helped make up the strong foundation I needed; to rebuild my self-esteem along with my physical and mental health. My hope is to create a safe, supportive, and structured environment for those who struggle with self-love.

Jenna will bring her message to a broader stage as she competes for Miss Maine Teen USA competition scheduled for November 2020.

If you’d like to support Jenna’s efforts and raise funds for Sweetser’s New England Eating Disorders (NEED) Program, visit her website at: https://trulyme1.my-free.website/