Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity in working with Youth: Part I & II

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This two-part training will explore the concepts of mindfulness and how beneficial they are to the neuroplasticity of the human brain. Utilizing play therapy techniques along with vibrant practical case discussions, the implementation of sound clinical practices will be processed and reviewed. As this is a two part training, the first session will be focused on psychoeducation, practical clinical implementation of therapeutic strategies surrounding trauma-informed care and therapeutic techniques for play therapy.

The second part of training, scheduled for March 31st, 2023, will be devoted to breaking into workshop groups and processing how the utilization of these techniques and their implementation has impacted client growth.  This will allow an opportunity for pragmatically sharing strategies with one another and also how to negotiate the systems that clients work within. Additional play therapy techniques will be shared to further clinical growth.

This highly practical workshop provides you 12 contact hours for the price of 10.

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