Excellent Presenter

“Presenter was excellent and held my attention, demonstrating a wealth of knowledge. This could easily become a week long workshop.”

Emphasis on client’s strengths

“I especially appreciated the emphasis on building on a client’s strength, fostering hope for the present and identifying goals (dreams) as a reality to be achieved.”

This training was invaluable to me

This training was invaluable to me professionally and personally. I found myself discovering things about myself and why I am the way I am after realizing my role/place in the families of addicts. THANK YOU!”

I really appreciate the variety

“I really appreciate the variety of ethical trainings that Sweetser Training Institute has been offering.”

Lots of tools given

“I like that you brought in non-traditional families. Excellent and so NOT boring. Lots of tools given and explanations of why we do what we do were all good take-aways.”

Excellent use of my time

“This workshop was done very well and was extremely helpful to me. Attending it was an excellent use of my time and I will certainly attend more trainings with Sweetser.”

I enjoyed learning

“I enjoyed learning about a treatment model outside of Evidence Based Models. The entire workshop was Awesome!”

Passionate presenter

“The entire workshop was done very well. You could tell that the presenter was passionate about the subject and that energy kept the group engaged.”

Sweetser was a lot of fun and very beneficial to our team

“Sweetser was a lot of fun and very beneficial to our team. Their program was meaningful, and brought our group together on a whole new level. Leaving Sweetser, I felt as though I knew my teammates better, and felt confident about the trust and bonds that I had formed through out the day.”

– Kalyn Sullivan, Orientation Advisor, UNE