Here are some stories from people who participated in our Ropes Course.

“The creative hands-on program at Sweetser focuses on each child’s role in a group, cooperation, working through challenges, and persevering. We are grateful to PTO and Foundation 51, who have funded this program in the past, and this year our district has taken over the funding as part of our curriculum.”

– Alison Waterhouse, Greely Middle School 4-5

“Since 2012 Upward Bound at USM has decided to work with FOCUS through Adventure because it has allowed our students to safely challenge themselves in new surroundings. A large reason we have successful visits is due to the preparation Donna and her team puts in beforehand. She asks thoughtful questions on what our program is looking for and then gears the elements with those targets in mind. We are then able to make the connections from the obstacles on the ropes course to the ones they face as they transition to college.”

– Chris Turner, Project Coordinator TRiO Upward Bound – RSU, USM


“The team building activities and low ropes elements at Sweetser really brings our team together. It is at that time during training where we are able to step off campus and train in a way that we can really step out there and have fun. The Sweetser staff and elements help to give our team another dimension and allow us to challenge ourselves.”

– Alisha Tonks, Orientation Advisor, UNE


“Sweetser was a lot of fun and very beneficial to our team. Their program was meaningful, and brought our group together on a whole new level. Leaving Sweetser, I felt as though I knew my teammates better, and felt confident about the trust and bonds that I had formed throughout the day.”

– Kalyn Sullivan, Orientation Advisor, UNE


“I always look forward to a trip to Sweetser. The ropes course is an adventure, presenting new challenges that always get harder. No matter how many times I go to Sweetser, I always leave with new growth as a leader. The ropes course brings a team together, making it more of a family at the end of the day.”

– Laura Costin, Orientation Advisor, UNE


“FOCUS through Adventure was a wonderful, team building experience for our group at Tom’s of Maine. We found new ways to work together to strengthen our team!”

– Laurie Bridges, HR Manager


“The Focus through Adventure Team Building program was exactly what the players needed after four days of competing with each other to make the team. The time away from the technical and tactical aspects of the game was worth every second and has helped them on the field as well as with the dynamics of off-field relationships.

It was a day to come together to establish common goals and a language to identify these goals. The facilitators were creative in the avenues they used to help the players recognize their potential. From the first minute to the last they had the attention of our athletes. As a coach I hate to give up time with the ball; however, it was great to see who stepped up in different situations to lead the group or to watch the quiet supporters fulfill their role.

The experience was tremendous for the players as individuals and for us as a team. We continue to revisit moments from our day away from the campus and the game as we prepare for our next game, our next opponent.”

– Lisa Petruccelli, USM Women’s Soccer Coach, August 2010